Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 11: 24 June 2008

Stewart the Webkinz frog's feet. I have spent years allowing my natural inclination to be the contour line queen have its way. I had to break that a little for development purposes but it feel's sooooo good!

I have always aimed to capture the thingness of something. Yet my internal editor and internal critic ganged up on me to produce what I should – use what I thought were classic styles or approaches. When I break free from that in a fit of rebellion and do as I please, it feels like soul food, a guilty indulgence however. I excused it as such, vowing to go back to the right way immediately. Reading Danny Gregory again, I came across a passage which says don’t try to adopt a style or even force the creation of something stylized. Just draw what you see. The style will emerge of its own and it will be truly you. What confidence that gave me to just go for it!

Day 12: 25 June 2008

I am amazed daily at the number of people in the world who are just out there creating on many levels and how when you run into one of them you feel as if you have stepped into a new world of wonder and learning – their world. I love when you can feel their souls or get their thinking.

I spend time thinking about the sheer magnitude and wonder of human endeavour. It simply amazes me. I look around at what we have created around the world. I particularly wonder at the frivolous products we create….or sometimes the nature of TV shows. We are very busy creatures.

Day 13: 26 June 2008

Repeatedly throughout these pages you will see references to fatigue...my biggest nemesis....

Day 14: 27 June 2008

...it's late and again I felt like I was searching for a subject and once found it was less than satisfying....

Day 15: 28 June 2008

Day 16: 29 June 2008

Day 17: 30 June 2008

Day 18: 01 July 2008

Day 19: 02 July 2008

I discovered Posemaniacs today from Danny Gregory's site. Very cool. This will prove useful.

Day 20: 3 July 2008