Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 21: 4 July 2008

I love the view from an airplane window. I spent a year taking cloud pictures from an airplane window.

Day 22: 5 July 2008

...late at night...stealing a last few moments in the day for this......

Day 23: 6 July 2008

My brain does not do landscape very well but I doggedly return to it now and then to stretch my neural pathways a bit.

Day 24: 7 July 2008

Aaaaahha.....This is profoundly coming home after a trip....

Something happened along the road of the fifty in and around 23. Suddenly, I had an intense awareness of this thing called my mind’s eye. The thing that I was looking at to draw had become something very much inside my head and my understanding of it was beyond just the looking at it I had always done. Now I could see/feel the planes, the curves, the lines, the shadow, the texture and all of this melded together into a beingness which swirled around like delicious chocolate swirls throughout the caramel cream of my mind. It all flowed out of me like topping to the page.

Day 25: 8 July 2008

.....and more I shall have.....

Since I was a very small child, I have been fascinated with insects and have had a deep deep love of all animals. I have spent many hours in my life drawing and painting all manner of insects and in more recent years quite a host of frogs. I always own a dog or two and periodically have a cat move in with me. Right now, Animal Planet hums somewhere off in the background, something in this house which is on constantly. I collect pictures of them and spend hours reproducing them. I am very happy doing this.

Day 26: 9 July 2008

...and more.....

These fifty pages are now about creating in bl/wh and using ink. They have turned themselves into a rebellious journey of, “This is what I want to do damn it!” Not this is what I should do. It all sounds very straightforward doesn’t it? Realization and acceptance are slow. They come after doing. For someone like myself this is always the hard lesson. I want to think it through first, understand, realize and then act.

Day 27: 10 July 2008

Day 28: 11 July 2008

I am picking up momentum now and loving it......

I got that AHA! spark thing that happens. I was thinking about why bl/wh has drawn me in so much as I have always described myself as a colourist. I remembered how satisfying lino has been over the last year and just working in bl/wh. Suddenly, I saw the fifty as fodder for a lino series and I got really excited…..

Day 29: 12 July 2008

Day 30: 13 July 2008